The Winning Edge

Our Green Book is produced to give players the critical edge for reading putts by giving the player and caddie detailed accurate information about the green slopes taken from green scans just before the event starts.

We have invested in the latest high resolution 3D Contouring Laser Scanners to scan the tournament greens with an accuracy of +/- 1mm. These individual scans which consist of tens of millions of individual laser points are then combined together and converted into green illustrations using our own ClereGreenCreator software.

The illustrations show the green outline, front and back points as marked on the course and have grids overlaid in either 5 yard or 5 metre increments.

The contour lines are drawn connecting areas of the green that share the same level. The contour spacings dark lines are at every 48mm (approx 2 inches), the lighter grey lines show the contour half way between the dark contours (every 24mm spacing or approx 1 inch). We then add a series of arrows which show the direction of fall.

Finally we place some percentage fall measurements at various points across the green which show the steepness of fall at that particular point.